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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
200810 Bowen St.Gallagher, Sue; Amundsen, Fiona; Leitch, Fran
6-Feb-2008A fatal cycleAmundsen, Fiona; Fitchett, Dale; Steer, Laurie
2011Anamnestic environments: the lost, found and retainedAmundsen, Fiona; Fitchett, Dale; Stevens, April
2013IMG: seeing as feelingThomson, Andy; Amundsen, Fiona; Jervis, Ian; Prisk, Joe
2013Immersion and emergenceRedmond, Monique; Amundsen, Fiona; Carter, Cathy
2013Junctures for knowing what you know: installation, site, process, material and objectRedmond, Monique; Amundsen, Fiona; Stockman, Harriet
2010Performing the loopBraddock, Chris; Amundsen, Fiona; Myers, Ruth Susan
2010Photography and instability: rhythms of reflections and repetitions in spaceAmundsen, Fiona; Redmond, Monique; Skipper, Gemma
2009Pulse, pulse, somersaultBraddock, Chris; Amundsen, Fiona; Gorodi, Suzie Mei
2013Pure potentialities: exploring the transcendental or spiritual moment within immanent experienceAmundsen, Fiona; Redmond, Monique; Karbhari, Tinaz Jal
2009Tauwehe: a photographic exploration of dislocation and displacement themes in Maori oral histories of te hononga (land kinship)Robertson, Natalie; Amundsen, Fiona; Davis, Marsha Elaine
2007Urban voodoo: an ambiguity document, seeking to record the disruption of language through imitationAmundsen, Fiona; Engels-Schwarzpaul, Tina; Paraone, Israe
2008What a photograph can and cannot do: a visual investigation into the social phenomena of photographs as a memory deviceRobertson, Natalie; Amundsen, Fiona; Shirley, Anne