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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
200810 Bowen St.Gallagher, Sue; Amundsen, Fiona; Leitch, Fran
2010Borderline actsGallagher, Sue; Mitchell, Tessa Leonelle
2010Displaced legacies: folded time and space for an architecture of becomingO'Connor, Maria; Gallagher, Sue; Wei, Fang-Yun
2010Drawing by the light of the screen: the transfiguration of virtual architectureJansen, Dieneke; Gallagher, Sue; Walker, Anika
7-Oct-2007Hesitating performanceGallagher, Sue; Jackson, Mark; Harris, Brent
2009Holding the digital mirror up to nature - a practice-as-research project exploring digital media techniques in live theatreJohnson, Rosser; Gallagher, Sue; Brannigan, Ross
2010In the company of strangers: Negotiating the parameters of indeterminacy; A study of the roaming body and departure in urban spacesGallagher, Sue; Baker , Mike
2010Making sense of no bodyGallagher, Sue; O'Connor, Maria; Wood, Becca
2010Performing event in the everyday: regeneration as artO'Connor, Maria; Gallagher, Sue; Curham, Sean
2008SKEIN: pick up styxGallagher, Sue; Joseph, Frances; Turner, Raewyn Mary
2012Sketching as a methodology for creative practiceWalker, Charles; Gallagher, Sue; Newall, Kim
2009Social fabric: a sustainable social-entrepreneurial fashion collaboration with female refugees in New ZealandFarrer, Joan; Gallagher, Sue; Hillenaar, Kareen Elese
18-Feb-2008The smooth + the striated: the home as a locale of cyberspaceGallagher, Sue; Douglas, Carl; Lee, Fang-Ching
2012Transformancede Freitas, Nancy; Gallagher, Sue; Pringle, Warren
2010Urban Wetland: Dynamic exchange system between the city and the seaGallagher, Sue; Patel, Rafik; Huang, Jiaying
2011Vibrating Matter: situating soundGallagher, Sue; Douglas, Andrew; Shearer, Rachel Mary