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27-Jun-2014Flame propagation in dust clouds. Numerical simulation and experimental investigationSkjold, Trygve
25-Sep-2014Measurement of non-linear acoustoelastic effect in steel using acoustic resonanceEldevik, Simen
2008Modelling of vented dust explosions – empirical foundation and prospects for future validation of CFD codesSkjold, Trygve; Wingerden, Kees van; Hansen, Olav R.; Eckhoff, Rolf Kristian
2005Simulating the Influence of Obstacles on Accelerating Dust and Gas FlamesSkjold, Trygve; Pu, Y. K.; Arntzen, Bjørn Johan; Hansen, Olav R.; Storvik, Idar E.; Taraldset, Ole Jacob; Eckhoff, Rolf Kristian
2013Nanostructuring of free-standing, dielectric membranes using electron-beam lithographyGrepstad, Jon Olav; Greve, Martin Møller; Reisinger, Thomas; Holst, Bodil
2007Simulating the Effect of Release of Pressure and Dust Lifting on Coal Dust ExplosionsSkjold, Trygve
28-May-2014Testing Fluorescence Lifetime Standards using Two-Photon Excitation and Time-Domain Instrumentation: Rhodamine B, Coumarin 6 and Lucifer YellowKristoffersen, Arne Skodvin; Hamre, Børge; Erga, Svein Rune; Frette, Øyvind
2013Determining the fibrillar orientation of bast fibres with polarized light microscopy: the modified Herzog test (red plate test) explainedHaugan, Einar; Holst, Bodil
10-Sep-2014An Experimental Study of CO2 sequestration in saline aquifers and gas hydratesPaulsen, Vegard Havre
2006Possibilities, limitations, and the way ahead for dust explosion modellingSkjold, Trygve; Larsen, Ø.; Hansen, Olav R.
2010Flame Propagation in Dust Clouds: Challenges for Model ValidationSkjold, Trygve
2007Simplified modelling of explosion propagation by dust lifting in coal minesSkjold, Trygve; Eckhoff, Rolf Kristian; Arntzen, Bjørn Johan; Lebecki, K.; Dyduch, Z.; Klemens, R.; Zydak, P.
18-Oct-2013Viking and early middle ages Northern Scandinavian textiles proven to be made with hempSkoglund, Git; Nockert, Margareta; Holst, Bodil
19-Sep-2014Conformance Control for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fractured ReservoirsBrattekås, Bergit
2-Jun-2014Performance Evaluation of a Small-Animal PET/CT SystemDahle, Tordis Johnsen
30-Jun-2014Reaching towards higher masses of supersymmetric particles decaying to tau leptonsOlsen, Agnethe Seim
13-Dec-2013Empirical and Numerical Evaluation of Mechanisms in Gas Production from CH4-Hydrates: Emphasis on Kinetics, Electrical Resistivity, Depressurization and CO2-CH4 ExchangeBirkedal, Knut Arne
1-Sep-2014Karakterisering av silika nanopartikler for økt oljeutvinningPettersen, Birgitte
2-Jun-2014Mobility Control for CO2 EOR in Heterogeneous ReservoirsBø, Kristine
2-Jun-2014Low Salinity Waterflood in Combination with Surfactant/Polymer; Effect of Surfactant Slug SizeAl-Ajmi, Adnan Ibrahim Ahmed