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Title: H2A.Z Landscapes and Dual Modifications in Pluripotent and Multipotent Stem Cells Underlie Complex Genome Regulatory Functions
Authors: Ku, Manching
Jaffe, Jacob D
Koche, Richard P
Rheinbay, Esther
Endoh, Mitsuhiro
Koseki, Haruhiko
Carr, Steven A
Bernstein, Bradley E
Keywords: Acetylation;bivalent;ChIP-Seq;H2A.Z;mass spectrometry; ubiquitination
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: BioMed Central
Description: Background: The histone variant H2A.Z has been implicated in nucleosome exchange, transcriptional activation and Polycomb repression. However, the relationships among these seemingly disparate functions remain obscure. Results: We mapped H2A.Z genome-wide in mammalian ES cells and neural progenitors. H2A.Z is deposited promiscuously at promoters and enhancers, and correlates strongly with H3K4 methylation. Accordingly, H2A.Z is present at poised promoters with bivalent chromatin and at active promoters with H3K4 methylation, but is absent from stably repressed promoters that are specifically enriched for H3K27 trimethylation. We also characterized post-translational modification states of H2A.Z, including a novel species dually-modified by ubiquitination and acetylation that is enriched at bivalent chromatin. Conclusions: Our findings associate H2A.Z with functionally distinct genomic elements, and suggest that post-translational modifications may reconcile its contrasting locations and roles.
Other Identifiers: Ku, Manching, Jacob D. Jaffe, Richard P. Koche, Esther Rheinbay, Mitsuhiro Endoh, Haruhiko Koseki, Steven A. Carr, and Bradley E. Bernstein. 2012. H2A.Z landscapes and dual modifications in pluripotent and multipotent stem cells underlie complex genome regulatory functions. Genome Biology 13: R85.
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