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Oct-2011Metformin in gestational diabetes: the offspring follow-up (MiG TOFU): body composition at 2 years of ageRowan, JA; Rush, EC; Obolonkin, V; Battin, M; Wouldes, T; Hague, WM
6-Aug-2014Does the position of the paramedic performing chest compressions during a simulated cardiac arrest influence compliance with the 2010 guidelines?Davey, P; Whatman, C; Dicker, B
2014Waikato 2011 centile charts for assessment of time to run 550m [Microsoft Excel workbook]Rush, Elaine; Obolonkin, Victor
26-Nov-2014Structuring an appropriate academic support strategy to assist Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (BSR) students to meet the BSR graduate profileNikolai, J; Silva, P
2012Examining the validity of the ActivPAL monitor in measuring posture and ambulatory movement in childrenAminian, S; Hinckson, EA
2014Is "working together" working? An investigation into tertiary students’ attitudes toward collaborative assessmentsScherman, R
3-Nov-2014The reliability of measuring the inter-recti distance using high-resolution and low-resolution ultrasound imaging comparing a novice to an experienced sonographerIwan, T; Garton, B; Ellis, R
9-Oct-2012Predicting allograft requirement in the management of patients with major burn injuriesSavage, J; Hurst, H; Vandal, A; Coomarasamy, C; Wong She, R
2012Measurement of tibial nerve excursion during ankle joint dorsiflexion in a weight-bearing position with ultrasound imagingCarroll, M; Yau, J; Rome, K; Hing, W
2014Environmental and socio-demographic associates of children's active transport to school: a cross-sectional investigation from the URBAN Study-
2012Telerehabilitation to improve outcomes for people with stroke: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialSaywell, N; Vandal, AC; Brown, P; Hanger, HC; Hale, L; Mudge, S; Milosavljevic, S; Feigin, V; Taylor, D
8-Sep-2014Miscommunication kills: a rationale for shared learningWeblemoe, TL
2014Sites of institutional racism in public health policymaking in New ZealandCame, H
7-Oct-2014Towards health equity: institutional racism as a policy issueCame, H; Doole,, C; McCreanor, T
2014Noise sensitivity and diminished health: testing moderators and mediators of the relationshipHill, E; Billington, R; Krageloh, C
23-Jun-2014Cluster-randomised controlled trial of an occupational therapy group intervention for children designed to promote emotional wellbeing: study protocolTokolahi, E; Hocking, C; Kersten, P; Vandal, A
2014'Domesticating' low carbon thermal technologies: diversity, multiplicity and variability in older person, off grid householdsWrapson, W; Devine-Wright, P
2011Turning classroom activities into research: a replication of the lost-letter studyScherman, R
2013The state of adoption knowledge: comprehensive analyses of adoption literature published in the scholarly journals from 2000-2012Scherman, R; Garrett, N.
29-Aug-2009Intranasal Fentanyl - an effective first line analgesia for childrenBritnell, S