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9781447122500.pdf.jpg2012Reset Control SystemsAlfonso Ba os , Antonio Barreiro
9781447149385.pdf.jpg2013Hydrogen production from nuclear energyGreg F. Naterer , Ibrahim Dincer , Calin Zamfirescu
9781461413110.pdf.jpg2012Direct-fed microbials and prebiotics for animalTodd R. Callaway , Steven C. Ricke , editors
9781447152132.pdf.jpg2013Offshore risk assessmentJan-Erik Vinnem
9781466517851.pdf.jpg2013Water & wastewater infrastructure-
9781441955807.pdf.jpg2011Interfacial Phenomena in Electrocatalysiseditor Constantinos G. Vayenas
9781441997982.pdf.jpg2011Experimental Mechanics on Emerging Energy Systems and Materials , Volume 5editor Tom Proulx
9781856177450.pdf.jpg2011Modern chemical enhanced oil recovery-
9781441979919.pdf.jpg2012Handbook of climate change mitigationWei-Yin Chen.... [et al.] eds.
9781441997166.pdf.jpg2011Structural Dynamics and Renewable Energy , Volume 1editor Tom Proulx
9781420075700.pdf.jpg2010Geothermal energy-
9781439899045.pdf.jpg2012Greener energy systems-
0309067820.pdf.jpg1999Review of the U. S. Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy's Research Plan for Fine Particulates-
9781439862469.pdf.jpg2013The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup-
9781441971241.pdf.jpg2012Energy efficient thermal management of data centerYogendra Joshi , Pramod Kumar , editors
9781420086041.pdf.jpg2010Gas turbine combustion-
9781118062111.pdf.jpg2011TMS 2011 140th Annual Meeting and Exhibition:-
9781441914248.pdf.jpg2010Electrochemical Nanotechnologieseditor Tetsuya Osaka , Madhav Datta , Yosi Shacham-Diamand
9781118472750.pdf.jpg2012Fundamentals of the Petrophysics of Oil and Gas Reservoir-
9780387958613.pdf.jpg2011Sustainable energy systems and application0307Ibrahim Dincer , Calin Zamfirescu