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1974The figure in relation to it's [sic] environment, as expressed through the art form of drawingHufford, Jeralyn
1981An analysis of the lyrics and their relationship to the music in selected songs by Debussy, Liszt, Brahms and Duke : an interpretative studyHudock, Janet Marie
1975Course offerings and instructional resources of East-Central Indiana School Study Council high schoolsMcElhinney, James H.; Farlow, C. Robert
1988A performance study of Chinese music : Fisherman's chant at duskHuang, He
1968The use of significant evaluative techniques and ways to communicate progressHubbard, Alan C.
1999Counseling psychology doctoral students' help seeking behavior : factors affecting willingness to seek help for psychological problemsWhite, Michael J.; Farber, Nancy Karen
1998Small incorporated towns within the Unigov system : the storm drainage problem in WynnedaleHuddleston, Gary B.
2003Exploring the effects of combined strategies on English vocabulary learning among Saudi Arabian university freshmenEly, Christopher M.; Faqeehi, Muhammad Ali
2005Community education in Indiana from 1965-1987 : an oral historyMcElhinney, James H.; Farley, Lisa A.
1996English textbook analysis and lesson plans for junior high schools in TaiwanHuang, Mei-Chu
2003Student experiences in the doctoral program in Educational Administration and Supervision at Ball State University, 1987-2002Malone, Bobby G.; Fahnbulleh, Henry M.
1983Reactions to men and women expressing sadness, joy, and angerZimmerman, Jay S.; Fakinos, Michael
1994A comparison and analysis of William Bolcomb's cabaret songs and Te-jeu Hseu's Chinese art songsHsu, Chen-chuan
1989The Valses poeticos : a comparison of guitar transcriptions to the piano score by Enrique Granados 1887-1918Howell, Michael W.
1990A comparative analysis of Brahms' two violin sonatas : the first, op. 78 in G major and the third, op. 108 in D minorHu, Pei Yi
1973Experimentation in paper emulsions for photographyHoward, Oscar
1987The integrated reading and writing high school classroom : a curriculum designHowell, Anthony E.
1988Notational systems and practices for the lute, vihuela and guitar from the Renaissance to the present dayReilly, Paul C.; Fang, Ming-Jian
2007The solo cello music of Benjamin Britten : an analysis : First cello suite, op. 72, Second cello suite, op. 80, Third cello suite, op. 87, and Tema SacherTurner, Kristin M.; Fan, Chia-Lin
1971Massed vs. spaced experiences in personal growth groupsHuff, Vaughn E.; Fanning, Lawrence E.