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1975Course offerings and instructional resources of East-Central Indiana School Study Council high schoolsMcElhinney, James H.; Farlow, C. Robert
1981An analysis of the lyrics and their relationship to the music in selected songs by Debussy, Liszt, Brahms and Duke : an interpretative studyHudock, Janet Marie
1974The figure in relation to it's [sic] environment, as expressed through the art form of drawingHufford, Jeralyn
1999Counseling psychology doctoral students' help seeking behavior : factors affecting willingness to seek help for psychological problemsWhite, Michael J.; Farber, Nancy Karen
1971Massed vs. spaced experiences in personal growth groupsHuff, Vaughn E.; Fanning, Lawrence E.
2005Community education in Indiana from 1965-1987 : an oral historyMcElhinney, James H.; Farley, Lisa A.
1988A performance study of Chinese music : Fisherman's chant at duskHuang, He
1990A comparative analysis of Brahms' two violin sonatas : the first, op. 78 in G major and the third, op. 108 in D minorHu, Pei Yi
1968The use of significant evaluative techniques and ways to communicate progressHubbard, Alan C.
1988Notational systems and practices for the lute, vihuela and guitar from the Renaissance to the present dayReilly, Paul C.; Fang, Ming-Jian
1998Small incorporated towns within the Unigov system : the storm drainage problem in WynnedaleHuddleston, Gary B.
1996English textbook analysis and lesson plans for junior high schools in TaiwanHuang, Mei-Chu
2003Exploring the effects of combined strategies on English vocabulary learning among Saudi Arabian university freshmenEly, Christopher M.; Faqeehi, Muhammad Ali
1983Reactions to men and women expressing sadness, joy, and angerZimmerman, Jay S.; Fakinos, Michael
1987The integrated reading and writing high school classroom : a curriculum designHowell, Anthony E.
1994A comparison and analysis of William Bolcomb's cabaret songs and Te-jeu Hseu's Chinese art songsHsu, Chen-chuan
1978Preparation of a slide and tape presentation designed for biology students with low reading abilityHoward, Jeneen A.
1973Experimentation in paper emulsions for photographyHoward, Oscar
1987The world's greatest wagon works : a history of the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, 1856 to 1966Glenn, Elizabeth J.; Fabyan, Emiel Joseph
2003Student experiences in the doctoral program in Educational Administration and Supervision at Ball State University, 1987-2002Malone, Bobby G.; Fahnbulleh, Henry M.