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1976A slide tape presentation of a leisure activities program for the enrichment of the mentally retarded individualGuarino, Andrew C.
1972Multimedia materials for teaching the alphabet to preschool childrenGruwell, Karen E.
1989First Fundamentalist Baptist School : a sociological inquiryGordon, Whitney H.; Descoteaux, William R.
1977The joy of art awareness : a mini-museum adventure for the young childGunn, Jacquelyn
1977Due process for secondary school principals in IndianaBallou, Philip E.; DeNoon, Harold A.
1998A writing curriculum for intensive English programsGuertin, Suzanne E.
1986Contemporary issues confronting entrepreneursGudeman, Timothy A.
1990The relationship between the Wechsler intelligence scale for children-revised (WISC-R), a short form (WISC-RSH), and the wide range achievement test (WRAT) in learning disabled studentsWenck, L. Stanley; Del Vecchio, Tony
1967The evaluation of teaching procedures designed to increase empathic abilityBiggerstaff, Edwin L.; Dell, Helen
1975Researching, writing and marketing six free-lance magazine articlesGrosh, Ann H.
1964The making of a pressed particle board from wood chipsGrottendick, William F.
1983Electromyograph biofeedback with high absorption subjects : attentional demand, mental set and informational componentsZimmerman, Jay S.; Dekker, James D.
1970The relationship of personal and social adjustment and academically related interests to the school success of sixth-grade children from low-income homesBallou, Mildred O.; Delph, Donna Jean
1980Paul Creston, a view of the composer's writing for the saxophone, 1936-1978, with special emphasis on the sonata, op. 19 and Rapsodie, op. 108Grossi, Anthony J.
1983Land use simulation project for small group problem-solvingGroves, Marna J.
1975The school day game : a game for teaching social interaction techniques to emotionally disturbed childrenGruener, Victor G.
2004The perceived effects of Indiana's School Safety Specialist ProgramSharp, William L.; Dean, Elizabeth A.
2002Confirmatory models of sensory/motor and cognitive constructsDean, Raymond S.; Decker, Scott L.
1992An ideal judicial affairs system for a university with a residential campus communityGroot, Jacqueline A.
1974The relationship between Eysenckian personality variables and ratings of job performance and promotion potentials of a group of police officersHayes, Robert E.; Dean, David