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Title: Synthetic Methodologies of Achiral Diarylmethanols, Diaryl and Triarylmethanes (TRAMs) and Medicinal Properties of Diaryl and Triarylmethanes-An Overview
Authors: Mondal, Sankalan
Panda, Gautam
Keywords: Diarylmethanes;Diarylmethanols;Medicinal Properties
Issue Date: 2014
Description: The last decade has witnessed a high demand of various synthetic approaches towards bioactive achiral diarylmethanols, diaryl and triarylmethanes and the molecules derived thereof. Their biological and therapeutical relevancy in diverse areas such as antimicrobials, infectious, cardiovascular and nervous system disorders, genital tract diseases, estrogen related disorders and bone remodeling is quite well known. These small molecules have also been the starting materials for the development of a variety of pharmaceutically important compounds. Not only this, compounds belonging to this family have not only played a leading role in the development of small molecules as therapeutically useful compounds but also have become one of the mainstay for the development of organic synthesis. However, a comprehensive review which covers the synthesis as well as their biological activity is still lacking (Two review covers the synthesis of chiral diarylmethanols through asymmetric aryl transfer, and three reviews cover the photochemical properties of triarylmethanes, bioconjugation, application of trityl ions and the use of triarylmethanes as dyes). This review describes the synthesis as well as the biological activities of this group of molecules that came up in the last fifteen years (1995-2013). The current review will cover the various approaches followed for the synthesis of achiral diarylmethanols and the strategies followed for the synthesis of achiral diaryl as well as triarylmethanes. Finally, we will also cover the bioactivities of molecules containing the diaryl and triaryl methane core.
Other Identifiers: RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 28317-28358
Appears in Collections:Medicinal and Process Chemistry

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