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Title: Applications of allylamines for the syntheses of aza-heterocycles§
Authors: Nag, Somnath
Batra, Sanjay
Keywords: Allylamines;Syntheses;Aza-heterocycles
Issue Date: 2011
Description: Allylamine is one of the most fundamental units in organic chemistry which has been engineered to afford a diverse range of complex structural frameworks. This review encompasses the literature from 2006 to May 2010 concerning the utility of allylamine or substituted allylamines for the synthesis of aza-heterocycles. Reactions covered in this report include nucleophilic reactions, lactamizations, cycloadditions, free radical reactions, cross-couplings and reductive cyclizations. To limit the scope, however, ring-closing metatheses, Pauson-Khand reactions and cycloisomerizations are not included.
Other Identifiers: Tetrahedron, 2011, 67(47), 8959–9061
CSIR-CDRI Communication No. 8045
Appears in Collections:Medicinal and Process Chemistry

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