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2012SPAN: Spike Pattern Association Neuron for learning spatio-temporal sequencesHojjat Adeli; Mohemmed, A; Schliebs, S; Matsuda, S; Kasabov, N
2008A PSO based adaboost approach to object detectionMohemmed, AW; Zhang, M; Johnston, M
2009Integrated feature and parameter optimization for an evolving spiking neural networkKoppen, M; Kasabov, N; Coghill, G; Schliebs, S; Defoin-Platel, M; Kasabov, N
1-Dec-2011Exploring associations between changes in ambient temperature and stroke occurrence: comparative analysis using global and personalised modelling methodsLu, B; Hu, Y; Liang, W; Kasabov, N; Feigin, V
30-Jun-2011Modelling the effect of genes on the dynamics of probabilistic spiking neural networks for computational neurogenetic modellingKasabov, N; Schliebs, S; Mohemmed, A
2010Optimisation and modelling of spiking neural networks - Enhancing neural information processing systems through the power of evolutionSchliebs, S
31-Jul-2011Are probabilistic spiking neural networks suitable for reservoir computing?Schliebs, S; Mohemmed, A; Kasabov, N
25-Jun-2010Robotics for engineering educationHuang, L
4-Dec-2009Mobile robot navigation - some issues in controller design and implementationHuang, L
2011Quantum-inspired particle swarm optimization for feature selection and parameter optimization in evolving spiking neural networks for classification tasksAbdull Hamed, HN; Kasabov, N; Shamsuddin, SM
14-Jun-2009Quantum-inspired feature and parameter optimization of evolving spiking neural networks with a case study from ecological modellingSchliebs, S; Defoin-Platel, M; Worner, S; Kasabov, N
2005Incremental Linear Discriminant analysis for classification of Data StreamsPang, S.; Ozawa, S.; Kasabov, N
2005Incremental learning for online face recognitionOzawa, S.; Toh, S.; Abe, S.; Pang, S.; Kasabov, N
2002DENFIS: dynamic evolving neural-fuzzy inference system and its application for time series predictionKasabov, N; Song, Q.
2004Inductive vs transductive inference, global vs local models: SVM, TSVM, and SVMT for gene expression classification problemsPang, S.; Kasabov, N
15-Sep-2011Method for training a spiking neuron to associate input-output spike trainsMohemmed, A; Schliebs, S; Matsuda, S; Kasabov, N
2006A novel microarray gene selection method based on consistencyHu, Y; Pang, S; Havukkala, I
2003Neural Systems for solving the inverse problem of recovering the Primary Signal Waveform in potential transformersKasabov, N; Venkov, G.; Minchev, S.
2004Computational neurogenetic modelling: gene networks within neural networksKasabov, N; Benuskova, L.; Gomes Wysoski, S.
2005Fast Neural Network Ensemble Learning via Negative-Correlation Data CorrectionChan, Z.; Kasabov, N