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2014Adequacy of ventilations systems: perspectives of designers and occupants of office buildings in Nairobi, KenyaRotimi, JOB; Kiptala, RK
2015Numerical and experimental investigation of aircraft panel deformations during riveting processAbdelal, GF; Georgiou, G; Cooper, J; Robotham, AJ; Levers, A; Lunt, P
16-Apr-2014Vertical axis wind turbines - are we any better informed?Robotham, AJ
2-Apr-2014Border detection of skin lesions on a single System on Chip (SoC)Ying-Hong, W; Whai-En, C; Sabouri, P; Gholamhosseini, H; Collins, J
8-May-2014Mathematical modeling of a solar powered humidification dehumidification desalination prototypeEnayatollahi, R; Anderson, T; Nates, R
1-Dec-2013Web-based vital signs monitoring and early warning/ detection system for hospitalised older adult patientsBaig, MM; GholamHosseini, H; Connolly, MJ; Sabouri, P
8-May-2014Condensation in glazed flat plate solar collectorsAnderson, T
8-May-2014Global solar radiation prediction using artificial neural network models for New ZealandAhmad, A; Anderson, T
1-Feb-2014A secure wireless telehealthcare monitoring system and its web applicationYahaya, M; Yeh, SS; Guo, W; Baig, MM; GholamHosseini, H; Luo, D
25-Nov-2013Modelling of GTAW Weld Pool under Marangoni ConvectionJones, MI; Nates, RJ; Wang, G; Pasang, T
8-May-2014Experimental evaluation of low concentration collectors for façade applicationsPiratheepan, M; Anderson, T
Oct-2014An experimental investigation of turbulent forced convection heat transfer by a multi-walled carbon-nanotube nanofluidPiratheepan, M; Anderson, TN
2014Bioelectronics and medical diagnosticsA. Broderick, P; Gholamhosseini, H
6-Feb-2014A pilot study of an in-vitro bovine trachea model of the effect of continuous positive airway pressure breathing on airway surface liquidWhite, DE; Nates, RJ; Bartley, J
2014Performance of a V-trough photovoltaic/thermal concentratorKünnemeyer, R; Anderson, TN; Duke, M; Carson, JK
6-Feb-2012Science as a service: understanding successful knowledge transfer in a New Zealand research institutesoares, M; jacobs, K; Moore, D; Bayne, K
14-Apr-2005Stepped piston engines for multi-fuel UAV applicationMcGuirk, J; Hooper, P
3-Jan-2014Development of SCM competencies in construction: lessons learned from New ZealandKajewski, S; Manley, K; Hampson, K; Ying, FJ; Tookey, J; Roberti, H
20-Nov-2013The perceptions of retentions as held by clients, contractors and subcontractorsTak, WY; Gonzalez, V; Raina, P; Tookey, J
21-Feb-2014A multiplicative cancellation approach to multipath suppression in FM RadioMoir, T; Pettigrew, AM