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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2012Control Centrality and Hierarchical Structure in Complex NetworksLiu, Yang-Yu; Slotine, Jean-Jacques; Barabasi, Albert-Laszio
2012Controlled Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Using Passive Acoustic Emissions MonitoringArvanitis, Costas D.; Livingstone, Margaret Stratford; Vykhodtseva, Natalia I.; McDannold, Nathan Judson
2012Chip-Based Comparison of the Osteogenesis of Human Bone Marrow- and Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells under Mechanical StimulationPark, Sang-Hyug; Sim, Woo Young; Min, Byoung-Hyun; Yang, Sang Sik; Khademhosseini, Ali; Kaplan, David L.
2012A Technique for Performing Electrical Impedance Myography in the Mouse Hind Limb: Data in Normal and ALS SOD1 G93A AnimalsLi, Jia; Staats, Wayne L.; Spieker, Andrew; Sung, Minhee; Rutkove, Seward Brian
2012Impaired Cerebral Autoregulation Is Associated with Brain Atrophy and Worse Functional Status in Chronic Ischemic StrokeAoi, Mikio C.; Hu, Kun; Lo, Men-Tzung; Selim, Magdy H.; Olufsen, Mette S.; Novak, Vera
2013Heart Rate Dynamics after Combined Strength and Endurance Training in Middle-Aged Women: Heterogeneity of ResponsesKaravirta, Laura; Costa, Madalena D.; Goldberger, Ary L.; Tulppo, Mikko P.; Laaksonen, David E.; Nyman, Kai; Keskitalo, Marko; Häkkinen, Arja; Häkkinen, Keijo
2013QHREDGS Enhances Tube Formation, Metabolism and Survival of Endothelial Cells in Collagen-Chitosan HydrogelsMiklas, Jason W.; Dallabrida, Susan M.; Reis, Lewis A.; Ismail, Nesreen; Rupnick, Maria; Radisic, Milica
2012A Portable Chemotaxis Platform for Short and Long Term AnalysisXu, Chenjie; Poh, Yuk Kee C.; Roes, Isaac; O'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.; Matthiesen, Mads Emil; Mu, Luye; Yang, Seung Yun; Miranda-Nieves, David; Irimia, Daniel; Karp, Jeffrey Michael
2013Resuscitation of Ischemic Donor Livers with Normothermic Machine Perfusion: A Metabolic Flux Analysis of Treatment in RatsIzamis, Maria-Louisa; Tolboom, Herman; Uygun, Basak; Berthiaume, Francois; Yarmush, Martin L.; Uygun, Korkut
2012Measuring Cation Dependent DNA Polymerase Fidelity Landscapes by Deep SequencingZamft, Bradley; Marblestone, Adam Henry; Kording, Konrad; Schmidt, Daniel; Martin-Alarcon, Daniel; Tyo, Keith; Boyden, Edward S.; Church, George McDonald